A young sorcerer hoping to redeem the misdeeds of his past life.


HP 40 Init +3 Speed 6

Str 10 Con 13 Dex 13 Int 16 Wis 13 Cha 16

AC 15 Fort 14 Ref 16 Will 18

Languages: Common, Elven, Primordial, Infernal Race: Deva (PH2) Class: Sorcerer (PH2)

Class Features: Spell Source – Wild Magic (PH2) - Chaos Burst Chaos Power Unfettered Power Wild Soul

Powers: At-Will - Chaos Bolt (PH2) Dragonfrost (PH2) Encounter - Explosive Pyre (PH2) Ice Dragon’s Teeth (PH2) Daily - Dazzling Ray (PH2) Majestic Word (PH2) Utility - Deep Shroud (AP)

Feats: Implement Expertise (Dagger) (PH2) Bardic Dilettante (Multiclass) (PH2) Arcane Familiar (AP)

Skills Trained: Arcana Dungeoneering History Insight Perception

Gear: +1 Magic Dagger +1 Sorcerer’s Robe (Cloth) Sling


As any member of the Deva race, he has ‘lived’ for most of eternity through a string of reincarnation. Each new life is separate in experience from the previous, having only the slightest recollection of past lives.

In his most recent past life, he was a dark and terrible man whom committed many heinous acts against mankind. Identified as a terrible nightmare, it was a day to be celebrated when he was slain by a small band of heroes. In that same moment, though, he was immediately reincarnated as a baby in a nearby monastery. The monk that lived there was reluctant in keeping him, but decided it was better than most alternatives.

The monk was very cruel and cold to the boy, remembering what he’d done in his last life, and thus did not give him a name. The boy was merely called ‘Deva’ as was his race.

Eventually the monk could no longer stand the sight of Deva and threw him out on his own, still a child. It was then that a woman came across Deva and decided she would adopt him, always having wanted children of her own. She nicknamed him ‘Dev’ (Dave), declaring that ‘Deva’ sounded too unnatural to be a suitable name for her son.

After a number of years Dev’s mother became the mistress of a pirate captain. She decided she would leave to sail the seas with the captain. Dev’s mother told him he could not come with her on this journey. However, she was not negligent. She enrolled him into a prestigious academy so he would grow up well-rounded and knowledgeable.

Dev is not completely unaware of his past and works very hard in school to redeem himself in some way and to make his mother proud. Though still young he holds much potential.

Dev is easily recognizable by his ashen gray skin and the black spiral patterns at the bend of each of his joints and on his chest. He has about the same stature, build and weight of a human but is slightly taller and significantly more still. He does not dress lavishly or have any oddities or accessories.

Recently, after his most recent adventure, Deva befriended a senior student training to become a warden. He does not know this students name yet and will be watching him graduate soon. Also, Deva created a rivalry with a Dragonborn sorcerer named Dubix.


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