The albino, lizard like creature jumps up on your table to look you in the eye and yips, "What funny look for? Griz have something in teeth?"


Standing at three-foot-nothing, Griz has the bravery of someone three times his size…and the intelligence to match it. Griz often speaks in third person. He has a fire in his heart that seems to make his gold colored eyes glow. His rare white scales seem to hint that his family is descended from a dragon of the same hue.


Griz was the runt of his family. Being the smallest of one of the smallest races known, he has never known life without the torment of those who are bigger than him. Growing up, he was frequently bullied and beaten by his clutch mates, which has given him the unique trait of knowing how to take a hit. On a cold night that marked his tenth birthday, he made his escape, traveling south, out of the snow covered mountains, and far beyond the reach of his siblings. The next few years were even harder on Griz, but he knew that he had no home to return to. Now out on his own, Griz was determined to prove his worth and counter the perceptions related to his small stature. With a deep breath, Griz enters the academy and fills out an application with hopes of becoming more than he is now.


Phantasmagoria Crotan