Background of the Campaign

The idea was to create a new style of gaming experience utilizing the MMO feel to 4e. I know there are some of you out there who were a bit discouraged at the sense you were playing a really slow turn based version of WOW when 4e came out, believe you me, I was right there with you.

The way this will be designed is that all logistics will be done on the portal. I am fairly busy these days, and so are my PC’s. No one wants to sit around for 30 minutes while ‘Lefty’ they halfling rogue levels up to level 3. All information will be available online, I recommend buying a players handbook, if not at least keep a copy of the PDF on your computer. Wizards has done a beautiful job on designing an easy step by step way to learn the basics of D&D in the players handbook. If someone is too lazy to read it (I doesn’t have to be all of it, only what is required not to slow down the gaming to a crawl) then they are too lazy to play the game.

I will be awarding experience here online via e-mail rather than in person. All PC to DM questions and/or ambitions will be done online. There is no need for an entire party to wait 3 months in game for the fighter to try (and normally fail) at making his masterwork longsword. Once a good feel is established things will make more sense.

The campaign will progress for 1 day in game as it does 1 day out of game. When there will be an actual gaming session the in game calendar will be updated. So if you requested 2 months in game to make a magic item, as long as someone role plays out 2 months, it could only take a day or two in real time. The 1 for 1 day rule only applies when no one is gaming. That is a prime example of when to utilize this portal.

This will be an ever evolving world. I have no idea what anything is… It is no fun for me to completely design a world the PC’s ignore. Rather, it is the PC’s job to help me create a world. I feel if there is some personal attachment to the world, it will be less likely to be ignored. If you have an idea, let me know! I’ll put it in the world. New NPC’s, towns, countries, villains, and heroes will be updated as PC’s give me ideas on the wiki page. For each new world item a PC brings to me that I use, they will be given XP.

The first few levels will be done in 1 on 1 gaming. This is to make sure each character has an idea of what they are doing, and how to play the game. Once a player passes the in game competence test and class initiate test, they will be asked to edit their wiki page on the portal. This will be the ‘looking for group’ aspect of the campaign. In other words, you only game with people you want to game with. Some might think this might be exclusive, well your right. If you are a douche and no one wants to game with you, you wont game. So, don’t be a douche.

This is also a way for people to meet new gamers. It does the party no good to have 5 rogues, or have everyone bitch and moan if the cleric can’t make it. If you want to game more frequently, have a desirable party character.

As the game progresses, and plot actually climbs out of the primordial ooze, I will be posting missions and quests online. Once a party is formed by the PC’s via email on the portal, they will submit a request for a particular quest they might be interested in. All prerequisites will be posted in the quest description. This way I can better track milestones and quest XP. Granted you can earn XP by just killing monsters, but you get upwards to 5X the amount of XP if you do a quest.

I am trying to develope a system that can be used througout the school year rather than just putting D&D on pause for 6 months at a time. Help me help you and we will continue to play throughout the year.

Happy Role/Rolling!


Background of the Campaign

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