The campaign is based on a 400 day year. There are 4 seasons, each of which has 100 days (imagine that). Rather than months or keeping track of days, natives to the plane refer to percentages of the season. Example: if it is 33 days into the Bloom cycle a local would say that “It’s the 33rd day of the Bloom” or “67 days left in the Bloom”.

The Frost:

The Bloom:

The Sol:

The Harvest: The name was derived from not only the agricultural harvest done in this season, but the grand hunt that takes place during the penumbra moon. It was called the harvest initially because almost all the mortal races were wiped off the face of the plane when a horde of rampaging dragons ate almost living mortal at the time. During the holiday of the penumbra there is no celebrating to be done, rather every able body is put on the defensive as thousands of blood thirsty beasts and dark entities blight the land.

There are two dominate moons that circle the plane. One is a moon that absorbs all light, the other reflects the light of the sun. The reflective moon is known as the saint (the smaller moon), and the darker moon as heretic (the larger of the two). The saint has a full moon every 40 days, with 10 days per phase. The calendar is actually based on a lunar cycle starting on the 48th day of the Harvest. This is known as the penumbra moon. On the 48th day of the Harvest the heretic and the saint are both full in the sky at night. The penumbra moon notes the last day of the year, but natives refer to this day as the first for superstitious reasons.

The heretic moon is rarely visible at night and can only bee seen against a new saint moon at night. The heretic moon is mostly seen during the day as an umbra orb that slowly creeps across the daytime sky. The heretic runs on unreliable cycle with its only consistency being that it appears in the night sky on the 48th of Harvest. Astrologers and Astronomers alike base their own studies and theories based on the varying appearances of the heretic moon. In a loosely recorded 3000 years no consistencies have been found.


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