Students are eligible to receive ranks within The Academy based on performance and upheld responsibilities. The rank system is based on Shogi which was the founders favorite game.

In order to progress to the next rank, each student enters a trial phase which adds not only an additional class ranking, but seniority over all other lower ranking members. Only Promoted ranking students have any real authority. Example: once a pawn moves to a promoted pawn, they then outrank all pawns; when they achieve lance status they loose power over even the pawns, yet once they obtain promoted lance, they again control over pawns again and gain control over lances. A promoted student never has authority over any other promoted student regardless of rank.

Ranks work differently than levels. Levels denote how much experience a student has throughout their life. Rank denotes leadership capabilities. In order to become an instructor, one must first obtain exemplar status. It isn’t as hard as it may seem, rather exemplars demonstrate full knowledge of their class, and the ability to lead others along the same path. Within the school, if a student reaches exemplar status they hold the same authority as their instructor concerning all student/class related issues.

As follows are the Ranks:

(1) Pawn:

(2) Promoted Pawn:

(3) Lance:

(4) Promoted Lance:

(5) Knight:

(6) Promoted Knight:

(7) Gold/Silver General:

(8) Promoted Gold/Silver General:

(9) Bishop/Rook:

(10) Promoted Bishop/Rook:

(11) Class Exemplar:


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