Upon reaching forth level a entry level initiate gets promoted to the classification of a full time student. Students have an array of benefits that an initiate could only dream of.

First of all, students are given a mandatory class schedule that all students must undertake upon reaching 4th level. There will be no allotment for specialization until they become a senior student.

Students have no say in how the school works, yet they themselves have little responsibilities. Students are required to show up, to class on time and be ready for whatever the instructor has planned for them that day. All students are required to do 100 hours of combat training, 40 hours of lecture, and 60 hours of independent work (this translates to 10 hours of in game combat, 6 hours of plot building and 4 hours of learning to play the game on your own time). Once at least 2 instructors can verify this, the student is eligible to test into the senior student program.

Students have entry level access to the libraries and facilities on campus. They are able to buy anything they have the money for, yet they are not allowed to put in special orders yet. If it isn’t in stock, there is a good chance you aren’t getting it. Students are allowed to petition for quests. Students are allowed to leave the campus grounds with an instructors written permission.

The students are required to give all loot received on missions to the school. This is to compensate for room and board as well as instruction and supplies. Missions received by students from the school have an estimated gold value assigned to them as to keep students on track with paying back their tuition.

The only responsibilities the student has are these: know your role, you are a guest at this school so obey the rules. Be courteous to fellow students, and helpful to initiates.


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