Senior Student

During levels 9-10 a student is officially classified as a Senior Student. This is the most arduous time for all students. At the end of their heroic tier students will partake in missions that are seemingly suicidal. At this stage in their advancement senior students will be responsible for obtaining their own quests, and cannot adventure with any graduate students or entry level students.

During this stage it will be purely real world experience that will allow the senior student to graduate. There will be no exams or tests to take. There will be no aid from faculty or staff.

A senior student has senior student access to the library and facilities. They can purchase anything that is available on campus, and may put in special orders if they pay for it full in advance. Senior students have virtually no responsibilities towards the school expect the crimson rule: “If you are called to fight, you fight, no exceptions”.

Most senior students wait specifically for the penumbra phase due to the convenient battles at their doorstep. Some senior students don’t like this method because it doesn’t promote much independent wealth.

Senior students are able to keep any adventuring loot they come across, seeing as how they have no real tie to the school. The only exception is if they took on a quest to specifically retrieve an item. Senior students rarely take quests from the school because quests given by the school for senior students have a 7.5% success rate.

Senior students are commonly referred by staff and other students and ‘lone wolves’ and seemingly band together only long enough to get a particular task done.

All senior students are given a black hood that they must wear at all times upon their student graduation. This is a mark to let others in the school know they are outcast until they reach graduation. Upon graduation they are able to remove the hoods.

Senior Student

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