Submitting a Quest

For those students who feel ambitious enough to design your own quests, so are the following guidelines.

Upon submitting a quest, a formal letter must be mailed to Aurin Goldsmith the head of Adventuring Department. He will then review your application and reply whether or not your quest seems survivable. The information needed for the submission is as follows:

1: Location 2: Recommended Party Build 3: Expected Duration Needed 4: Expected Resources Needed 5: Goals/Objective 6: Predicted Casualties (Be it inventory or manpower) 7: Payment for the School (Remember even though it’s your quest you have to turn over all the loot towards the school) 8: Challenge Level (What CR you would rate this quest) 9: Potential Milestones 10: Urgency of Quest (and why)

Once all details have been submitted the petition for the quest will be reviewed and voted on. All entries undergo this process, and this does not change for anyone. The only people who are exempt from this are the Senior students who take care of all their own quests. Even when an instructor wishes to go out and quest they have to submit this form.

Submitting a Quest

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